Deliciousness is easy to find in the Mission.    

Friday dinner.  Head to the place that sparked the Mission's trajectory to culinary greatness:  Delfina.  The service is fantastic and the Cal-Italian food is not only tasty, it has soul.  Don't miss the calamari and white beans and definitely get at least one pasta.  

Breakfast.  Are you down with breakfast pastries?  Then run, don't walk, to Tartine Bakery.  Luckily Tartine offers more sustenance than just their divine sweets, along with a pretty long line (be forewarned).  The masses come largely because of the bread the bread the bread.  Did we mention the bread?  Worth the wait.  Unfortunately you will have to return mid-afternoon if you want an entire loaf to go.

Bonus Recommendations 

Mid-morning treat.  Do donuts count as a meal?  If your answer is yes, go to dynamo donut + coffee.  The flavors change every day and are both inventive and duh, delicious.  (They're donuts, after all.)  The coffee is pretty decent too.  The atmosphere, not so much.