Your One-stop Shop for Airbnb Recommendations in Los Angeles**

Silver Lake

Immaculate 2 BR 1 Bath in Silver Lake with parking.  About a 20 min walk to the main drag in Atwater Village (where Canele, Proof Bakery and Dune are)--about the same to Sunset Junction (Intelligentsia).  Good for a family with kids/small children too.

Budget-friendly converted garage with a/c and a kitchenette.  Awesome location - 10 min walk to Trois Familia and Night + Market Song, 15 min to Sqirl, and less than a 10 minute Uber/Lyft ride downtown.  Street parking generally available.  The shower is challenging - curtain has to be set just right to avoid flooding bathroom - but we figured it out.  The price is right and the bed comfortable.  Best for a single person or couple.

Atwater Village

Very reasonably priced 1 Br 1 bath guesthouse with a small kitchen & sitting area and a plugged-in, food-loving owner.  Easy 5-10 min walk to Atwater Village (Canele, Proof Bakery and Dune).  Street parking is easy.  Works best for a single traveler or couple.

Los Feliz

Budget-friendly hotel room-equivalent with a/c in backyard of home with pool and hot tub.  Perfectly located between Los Feliz (Hillhurst Ave and H Coffee House are a 5-10 min walk) and Silver Lake.  Easy 10 min walk to Sunset Junction (Intelligentsia) or 15 min to Trois Familia.  Hosts provide more than most (coffee, water, granola bars, etc.).  Cafe Vita, a great neighborhood coffee spot, and Vista, an awesome movie theater, are just around the corner.  Best for 1 person or a couple.  

**We recommend these because we stayed at these places and liked them.  We are pretty tough critics, so you are probably going to like them too, but no warranty or guarantee is associated with this endorsement.  (We assume we don't need to say this, but our lawyers made us.)