Delicious Weekend
Silver Lake, Los Feliz and Atwater Village

Dinner:  Night+Market Song Silver Lake
Sushi Zo Downtown

Breakfast:  Sqirl Cafe Silver Lake
Coffee:  Intelligentsia Silver Lake 
Lunch:  Proof Bakery or Dune Atwater Village
Dinner:  Alimento Silver Lake
Or try:  Bestia Downtown
Drinks:  Bar Covell or Big Bar Los Feliz

Brunch:  Trois Familia Silver Lake
Canele Los Feliz

Bonus Recommendations
The Juice Atwater Village
Punch Bowl Los Feliz
H Coffee House Los Feliz

Where to Stay   

Hotel Covell Los Feliz  
Luxurious, hip boutique hotel with design for days.  
Great option if you have the coin.

Budget Option  
Airbnb is your best friend in this part of town.  So many great options.  It allows you to live like a local and eat like one, which is the point, right?  Lots of people are afraid to go the airbnb route because they don't trust the reviews.  If that's you, click here to see those we have stayed in and given the oodfay stamp of approval.  

Delicious Weekend Picks

Dinner nearby:  Night + Market Song (Silver Lake)

If you have a healthy spice tolerance and are ok with bright lighting, this is the place for you. Super fun atmosphere and for those of us who are not Thai food-experts, some of the most intense, unique, and wonderful flavors you have ever tasted. No reservations.

Dinner (elsewhere):  Sushi Zo (Downtown)

Worth a short ride downtown for some of the best sushi you'll eat in your life.  Omakase-only with nicer ambience than Zo's other West Side location.  The sushi is already seasoned, so no wasabi or soy is provided.  Each piece of fish is so buttery & delicious, you'll think the next one simply could not be better.  And then it will be.  Beer and sake--no BYOB.  Call to reserve and request the sushi bar.

Breakfast:  Sqirl Cafe (Silver Lake)

Many have reported how freaking fantastic this place is, which explains the long, slow-moving line.  Sqirl is not in the most attractive area, but it's a must-visit.  We would move in if we could, uncomfortable seating and all.  The ricotta toast with jam is a go-to, but we also highly recommend the hazelnut/almond butter toast with jam.  You could do coffee here too--the house-made almond milk is a nice bonus.  Savory dishes are likewise delicious--Crispy Rice with a fried egg is awesome.  Take some jam home with you.

Coffee:  Intelligentsia Coffee (Silver Lake)

So many options for great coffee in this area.  Our pick is the place that started the Third Wave revolution in L.A.  Located in the heart of Silver Lake in Sunset Junction, Intelligentsia is hipster-central and a great place to take the pulse of our fave L.A. neighborhood.  On a hot day, try the iced Angeleno.

Lunch:  Proof Bakery (Atwater Village)

All 4 to 5 sandwiches this neighborhood gem puts out each day are wonderful; two are always vegetarian.  The baked goods are amazing too.  If you need an afternoon pick-me-up, Cognoscenti Coffee shares space with Proof.  oodfay tip:  Line up by noon.  Proof puts out its sandwiches at 12, and they are often sold out by 12:30.

Lunch: Dune (Atwater Village)

Atwater Village is small but has some seriously good midday eats, including Dune.  What we love:  the falafel wrap, the lamb sandwich and the array of hot sauces.  What we don't like:  the wait and the mess we make on ourselves and the tables out front as we devour Dune's amazingly flavorful sandwiches. 

Dinner (nearby):  Alimento (Silver Lake)

With a short but interesting wine list, delicious starters, personable servers and yummy pastas, Alimento is a crowd pleaser.  The menu constantly changes and everything is great.  Do make a reservation or you risk a long wait.  Click to book.

Dinner in L.A.:  Bestia (Downtown)

We have yet to meet anyone who does not love Bestia.  Is it because the pastas are more interesting than you've had before, but still the most delicious?  Is it the super cool warehouse environment and good-looking crowd?  Is it the wine list full of reasonably priced wines you have never heard of?  Or is the chocolate sea salt budino at the end?  Hard to say, but suffice it to say you should go if you can snag a reservation.  Click to book 

Drinks: Bar Covell or Big Bar (Los Feliz)

Bar Covell:  Wine lovers should not miss out on this Los Feliz gem.  Tell the learned bartenders what you like (earthy, crisp, oaky, etc.), and they will find a wine or beer to suit your tastes.  Tasty cheese plates, charcuterie, etc. and always lively.

Big Bar:  Adjacent to popular brunch/lunch spot Alcove, Big Bar is a cozy neighborhood bar where the bartenders make classic cocktails.  

Brunch:  Trois Familia (Silver Lake)

We don't know about you, but we don't have any French-Mexican brunch spots run by celebrity chefs near our house.  Take advantage.  Trois Familia is tiny with long waits, so plan accordingly. (If it's Saturday, kill time at the Farmer's Mkt across the street.)  The crepe with chorizo and egg is insane.  Try not to moan out loud because you are in hipster-ville and people don't appreciate that kind of thing.

Brunch:  Canele (Atwater Village)

Enjoy a walk around the Atwater Farmer's Market with the locals on Sunday and reward yourself with brunch at charming Canele.  Both the savory egg & the sweet dishes are delicious.  Service can be a little slow when busy, so practice patience.  oodfay tip:  The wait for a table may be long.  Consider putting your name in before walking across the street to the Farmer's Market.   

Bonus Recommendations

The Juice (Atwater Village)

Most people drink cold-pressed juices for the health benefits rather than the flavor. Until now. The Juice has a great juice line-up, including our fave (Carrot Coconut).  

oodfay tip:  Don't pass up the chance to add the Juice's vegan ice cream (e.g., banana almond) to your favorite juice for the best smoothie of your life.

The Punchbowl (Los Feliz)

Like the Juice in Atwater, Punch Bowl knows how to make delicious juice.  The Prince Harry, when they have it, is our favorite.  They are also the friendliest people you will ever meet and will make you want to move to L.A., or if you already live there, to Los Feliz.

Breakfast, Coffee or Lunch:  H Coffee House (Los Feliz)

This place has a great set-up - comfortable seating inside and a nice covered patio.  The baristas have skills and the coffee is Counter Culture, so it's high quality.  If you are like us and often need food with coffee, you are in luck.  We especially liked the avocado toast.